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Radio and Computer Aided Dispatch Systems Operational Review


CKM Public Safety Consulting was retained by the Grande Prairie Fire Department to conduct an operational review of its existing radio dispatch and communication system and its computer aided dispatch application. CKM was asked to determine if the current systems met the applicable standards and best practices and what was required to upgrade their systems to meet the current and future operational requirements of the fire department.

Staffing Level and Communications Centres Amalgamation Review


As a sub-consultant to Pomax Inc. Public Safety Consultants, CKM Public Safety Consulting was retained to complete a comprehensive staffing level analysis for the Toronto Fire Service. The scope of work was to determine if the call taker and fire dispatcher staffing levels were appropriate as well as provides recommendations to Pomax on whether or not Toronto Fire and Toronto Emergency Medical Services should be amalgamated.

CKM Public Safety Consulting has provided a wide variety of services to local governments and a number of public safety agencies.  Acting as a prime or sub-consultant, CKM has completed numerous projects throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.  Following are some examples of our work.


9-1-1 Call Answer Operational Review and Options Analysis


As a sub-consultant to Pomax Inc. Public Safety Consultants, CKM Public Safety Consulting was one of the leads in a comprehensive and detailed analysis of current and optional 9-1-1 call answer and fire dispatch delivery models. Prior to this project, CKM was the lead on an in depth 9-1-1 call answer staffing analysis for multiple regional district 9-1-1 service providers in order to develop a standard methodology for determining appropriate 9-1-1 call answer staffing levels. This evidence based analysis and recommendations allowed many of the regional districts to implement a new highly effective 9-1-1 call answer service delivery model at significant cost savings.

Langford Fire Dispatch Review


CKM Public Safety Consulting was retained by the Capital Regional District (Victoria, BC) to review its fire dispatch services as provided by the Langford Fire Department in order to determine if the service met the needs of the participating fire departments. In working with the regional district and the participating fire departments, it was determined that a higher level of service was required based on a comprehensive review of the existing fire dispatch service.

Fire Dispatching Review, Integrated Emergency Services


As a sub-consultant to Pomax Inc. Public Safety Consultants, CKM Public Safety Consulting was instrumental in the evaluation of the emergency dispatch services provided by Halifax Regional Municipality's Integrated Emergency Services, an integrated police and fire dispatch public safety communications centre. Areas of service evaluation included fire department notification and alerting and fire dispatcher service delivery, including the recommendations for emergency alerting technologies and protocols, fire dispatcher training, and the implementation of an industry standard quality management program.

Regional District of East Kootenay Fire Dispatch Service Implementation


CKM Public Safety Consulting was retained by the Kelowna Fire Department to be the project manager for the change of centralized fire dispatch service for sixteen fire departments. The Kelowna Fire Department was the successful proponent to a Request for Proposal to provide fire dispatch services which were being provided by the Cranbrook Fire Department. CKM was the project manager for Kelowna Fire Department and was responsible for all aspects of the service implementation involving radio communication technologies, digital and analog radio interconnections, and fire dispatch console upgrades. This was a challenging project due to the hybrid of analog and digital fire department radio systems being used and the short time frame required to meet the contract requirements.

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